The system is focused towards the meeting of customer requirements and enhancing of customer satisfaction. Keywords:
  1. Quality
  2. Management system
  3. Customer requirements
  4. Customer satisfaction
A well-designed and well-implemented quality management system can and should ELIMINATE:
      1. Ineffectiveness
      2. Inefficiencies
      3. Problems
      4. Errors
      5. Inconsistencies
      6. Malicious practices
      7. Uncertainties
      8. Bad culture
Our management systems assessment provides an independent, holistic analysis of how a company's processes, practices, and policies support its mission and vision. The only way to ensure smooth running of your business and uninterrupted supply of goods is to thoroughly vet potential suppliers before integrating them into your supply chain. Primlink Technical audit covers several areas:
  • Factory profile
  • Human resources
  • Production capabilities
  • Quality management system
  • Quality objectives
  • Design and development
  • Process module
  • Management commitment
  • Customer focus
  • Infrastructure
  • Work environment
  • Purchasing
  • Control of monitoring and measuring equipments
  • Control of nonconforming product
  • Quality assurance systems