Textile Sourcing & Q.A Consultancy

Our textile sourcing departments are flexible enough to look constantly for the best suppliers. We negotiate orders, take care of your specification, ensure quality, and look into execution and speed of production to secure delivery dates.
Our unique sourcing capability is achieved as a result of building state of the art designing capabilities, sophisticated engineering and sample making.Our merchandisers, designers and embellishment dept. team are all dedicated to the best product development and creativity, focused to present particular line through resourceful channels.
We can provide you with the expertise to ensure the delivery of quality products throughout your supply chain, and at a price you can afford!
We are specialist to source wide range of product:
We have a very well established network already certifiedby ISO 9001-2008, SA 8000, BSCI, WRAP, SadexII & IV Pillar, OEKO TEX 100 associate production facilities to which we represent with full confidence & dependability.

Home Textile:

• Bar mops                               • Bathmats
• Bathrobes                              • All types of Towels
• Sheets                                     • Bibs
• Infant Shirts                         • Blankets
• All types Gowns                   • Diapers
• Curtains                                • Comforters
• Cushions & embroidered products.


• Jogging Suits ( Men’s Ladies, Children )
• Pajama Suits ( Men’s Ladies, Children )
• Night Wear Suits ( Men’s Ladies, Children )
• Leggings ( Men’s Ladies, Children )
• Men’s Thermal Undergarments
• T-Shirts
• Turtle Necks
• Polo Shirts
• Sweat Shirts
• Hooded Jackets Zipper / Pullover
• Boxer Shorts
• All Type of Burn Out Products
• All Type of Tie & Dye Products

• Jeans                          • Capris
• Shorts                        • Shirts
• Dress                         • Jackets
• Coats                         • Vests
• Skirts                        • Jumsuits
• Caps                          • Hats
• Bags etc.                   • For ladies
• Women                     • Men
• Girls                          • Boys.

There are the scrutiny steps to guarantee high-quality products till closing moments:
– Initially looming & knitting check (If access)
– Fabric inspection as per 40 points
– FAI (First article inspection)
– Inline inspection
– Pre-final inspection
– Final
– Loading supervision as per Global security requirements.
– Tracking containers till loading into vessel.
– Cargo mapping (start production till customer warehouse mapping).