100% Production / Sorting Defect Services

We help you to optimize your supply chain to safeguard your brand reputation because the globalized supply chains capable of meeting consumer demand for fast fashion which comes with risk.


Full inspection/defect sorting consists in checking one by one all the products of your production. Based on the buyer's requirements or same like PSI including product's appearance, workmanship, assembly, safety, functions, functioning and compliance also sorting of good quality products from those with defects. The latter are separated from the batch and returned for improvement or disposal.
Full-inspection is very useful when too much quality issues have been found during a random quality inspection. It is also the ideal service if you want to provide defect-free products to your customers.

Why Need a Defect Sorting?

• Protect your brand and demonstrate your strong commitment to quality
• Guarantee customer satisfaction by delivering defect free products
• Identify the real percentage of defects affecting your product’s quality
• Obtain evidence to negotiate with vendors
• Ensure your time-to-market by shipping on-time