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Note: Please list the instruments which are available in factory for inspection.

Primlink Booking Term & Conditions:
1. Booking for products related services (inspection etc.) must be made at least 2 days in advance (e.g. services on Friday must be booked by the previous Wednesday 12pm.
2. Booking for factory audit related services (Ethical compliance etc.) must be made at least 3 days in advance.
3. Any urgent Booking for factory audit and products inspection will be accepted, however it will depend on availability.
Cancellation Policy: a) Cancellations: must be made with both phone call and email in Primlink Head office 2 days before date of services.
b). Cancellations information received 1 day before services (e.g. cancelled after 3pm Friday for Saturday's services) 50% of service charges will be incurred.
c). Auditor denied access or not allowed to perform scheduled services, the full cost of originally planned services will be billed.
d). Company aborted inspection on day of inspection the full cost of originally planned services will be billed.
e). Company must have organized warehouse to easily count carton/packed Goods.
f). For other all services (e.g. social, security audits etc.) cancellation policy are same as above.

I have reviewed and understand the term and conditions for Booking and cancellation: