During Product Inspection

We help you to optimize your supply chain to safeguard your brand reputation because the globalized supply chains capable of meeting consumer demand for fast fashion which comes with risk.


This service is ideal for larger quantity shipments, product lines with continuous production, strict requirements for on-time shipments, and as a follow-up, DPI takes place when almost 15 to 80% production is finish, re-ensuring that first discrepancies have rectify and to make sure the standard quality of manufacturing continues. This allows lowering the defect rate for the rest of the production.

Why During production inspection:

The main objective of this examination is to timely apply corrective actions if needed. In addition, DPI gives you following benefits:
• Opportunity to do improvements in quality
• Re-assure that deadlines will meet
• Keep control of production process
• Take corrective actions if needed
During production checklist:
• Production status including cutting, sewing, iron, finished and packed
• Production line evaluation and timeline verification
• Random sampling of semi-finished and finished product
• Package and packaging material
• Overall assessment and recommendations