Fabric Inspection

We help you to optimize your supply chain to safeguard your brand reputation because the globalized supply chains capable of meeting consumer demand for fast fashion which comes with risk.

Fabric Inspection Services

Primlink's offers a complete range of fabric inspection and garment inspection services assisting businesses in maintaining the highest quality standards with our garment quality control process and bringing products faster to market to gain a competitive advantage. Whether you are located thousands of miles away from your production site or in the same country.

Primlink International Pvt Ltd makes it easy for manufacturers to deliver the best quality fabrics with our strict quality control clothing. We make sure your customers get the premium quality product by monitoring the entire process of production from acquiring raw materials to production of finished goods. With years of experience behind our back, Primlink fabric and garments apparel inspection services help you detect defects and compliance clause breaches taking place during any stage of the production.

At Primlink International Pvt Ltd, we let you choose from pre-production inspection, during production inspection or garments inline inspection services. In addition to this, we also offer before delivery inspection services for garments and fabric related products. You can also get the inspection done pre-shipment to get the assessment of your product done pre, post and during the production.

Fabric Inspection Options

Pre-production Inspection:

● Quality control of incoming goods
● Checking raw material

During Production Inspection:

● Finished products sampling
● Highlight issues present in the inspection report
● Making factories acknowledge inspection findings

Garment Inline Inspection:

● We can guarantee the quality of entire batch through our inspection irrespective of whether you have finished goods or semi-finished goods.
● We work closely with the factory to develop an action plan to bring things back on course.
● Primlink also offer visual safety evaluation as well as housekeeping and social compliance

Before delivery:

● Final random inspection
● 100% inspection of all finished goods
● Supervision during loading

Types of Defects

Primlink’s fabric and garment inspection services help you assure product quality by identifying varying levels of faults in your products. We classify defects into three main categories.

● Critical Defects

Critical defects include anything which is hazardous or unsafe or breach regulation or compliance requirements. This can include anything from sharp edges to stray needles left in the clothing, loose studs, or missing suffocation warning labels.

● Major Defects

Major defects are those defects that leads to product failure on severely impacting the core purpose of the product. A major defect can prevent the garments for being put on shelves for selling. It could be anything from open seams, holes, or even broken stiches in clothes.

● Minor Defects

A minor defect is usually the defect which can negatively impact the usability of the product. It can be a loose thread.

During Inspection Services

During Garment and Fabric Inspections, Primlink Performs the Following:

1. Fabric Check

Evaluate the weight, print quality, identify defects as well as assessing the hand feel according to the standards.

2. Garment Labeling

We make sure that the label clearly mentions all the important information such as country, registered identification number (RN), fabric content and label attachment in the proper location.

3. Assessing Workmanship

Assess everything from the stitching to construction, attachments to fasteners, embellishments to shading within a garment, pattern continuity and matching to tapes and linings.

Garment Inspection Process

Primlink’s garment and fabric inspection process make sure that everything from fabric width to fabric length as well as the fabric appearance fulfil all the compliance requirements and meets all the standards and regulations throughout the production process. Our garment quality control checklist help you deliver the ultimate quality product to your customers, surpass customer satisfaction, and turn them into loyal customers.
Before shipping products, Primlink’s fabric inspectors carefully review the packaging list to make sure that it contains all the carton members and same number of products with the right dimension and weight. Additionally, our specialized inspectors keep an eye on minor things such as style, shade and even the shipping level. We pay attention to detail and identify the right shades and match with packaging slip.
After packing the carton, Primlink confirms the real garment count. Next, the carton is packed according to the specified carton dimension and details are displayed. Poly bags are check as and hang tags are included to confirm the price and shade.


The quality and durability of fabrics are directly affected by the quality of yarn, correct choice of dyes and Colored substance, printing and the use of appropriate manufacturing processes.

Primlink follows a 4-point system testing protocol, an inspection technique that is widely recognized for fabric.

Our auditor hands on training on all kind’s fabric woven, knit, denim, PU/ PVC, etc. and performs onsite assessment test as follows:

• Color Fastness Rubbing Test
• Surface / Base Adhesion
• Stretching
• Color Bleeding Check
• Color Shade Check

• Smell Test
• Bow Check
• Seam Slippage
• Hand Feeling
• Patterns and Designs Size Check
• Burn Test (for 100% Cotton Textiles)