Factory Audits & Supplier Audits

An official tailor-made factory audit services for quality assurance purposes.

Core Objective

A factory audit is a program to assess the quality from all factors and aspects of a factory’s functioning process. The inspection of quality management and overall look and feel before an organization decides to further deal with another company or organization is where our suppliers audit fixes perfectly.

Primlink believes in a smart decision before regrets. We are a factory audit agency where our quality inspectors take the lead of inspection before you join hands with another organization. Our supplier auditing process is simple yet highly efficient.

Why Primlink For The Factory Audit?

With a high number of clients satisfied on the international board, Primlink takes the honour of assisting national & international clients on the same priority. To make concepts much clear before decision making, our clients need to understand the value of supplier auditing and how it is done by Primlink.

Prime Value Of Our Factory Audit

Primlink conducts factory audits to primarily check the processing and procedures of a factory. We aim to assess the facility’s quality system. The other factors that are also keenly observed are:

  • Workplace environment
  • Quality conduct
  • Capabilities
  • Standard delivery process
  • Final object delivery

The capabilities are measured as per the client’s requirement and delivery standard of the company. Primlink ensures that your vendors and suppliers are able to undertake an order as per your demands.

Ensure The Avoidance Of Scam Or Illegal Factories

Primlink has an official team of professional auditors.

The factory auditors are highly experienced and skilled to analyze and investigate the proceedings to the roots. With an extensive yet critical investigation procedure, manufacturer audit comes as clean as possible. We cannot deny the increasing rate of scams in industries. However, Primlink can assure the avoidance of any illegal activity or scams.

Our factory auditors make sure to elaborate the proceedings of the vendor/supplier to our clients for second-degree assurance of safety before closing the deal.

Ensuring Quality Products & Services

Primlink conduct quality audits to acknowledge the supplier’s production capabilities and internal quality checks.

One of the most valued tools to ensure optimum quality of the product or service. It also helps in evaluating a former supplier’s performance of assessment. Considering ISO 9001 and the standard for quality, supplier quality audits play an advanced role in a long term business ROI.

Quality assurance should be the prime goal to maintain customer retention.

Legitimate Social & Environmental Audits

Our expert auditing team evaluates compliance with local laws and regulations concerning social and environmental protection.

The social and ethical audits verify and strictly monitor suppliers’ working conditions as per compliance with international standards. Our social compliance audit framework authorizes the elimination and avoidance of any red flags to be sighted.

Our carefully strategized environmental audit framework with considerations to international standard examines the factory proceeding and;

  • Supplier’s resource consumption
  • Supplier’s pollution prevention
  • Supplier’s emergency readiness
  • Implementation of international standards as per your company’s requirement
  • Verification of national and international regulations for environmental protection
  • Improving environmental performance

A combination of all these benefits would formulate a green environmental picture for our clients upon their customers as well.

Effective QMS Strategies Applied

Supporting the product quality through the level of operational excellence.

A quality management system with an effective set of strategies always ensures higher customer satisfaction. Primlink has an upper hand in converting basic procedures to advance modifications which often increases customer satisfaction, retention, and minimal post-delivery cost as well. This systematic approach to lean improvement in process is conducted by few measures;

  • Recognizing the quality issues
  • Eliminating needless activity
  • Closing gaps
  • Improving performances

Primlink believes in systematic approaches and strategic implementations for optimum results.

Saves Overall Time & Cost

Having an official factory and supplier audit before signing the deal by Primlink supports in major beneficial chunks for a long-term journey.

Our strategies, skill-set, expertise and professionalism ensures that all our clients save time, cost, and extra effort. The possibility of securing time, effort and minimizing cost is by dealing with the right factories. Whereas the evaluation of the right choice and partnership is dependent on Primlink. We make sure our clientele benefit the most from our services.

Audit Them & Secure Regrets With PRIMLINK!

The cost-effective factory audit of Primlink saves you millions.


  • High Integrity
  • Niche Experts
  • Flexible Procedures
  • Time Effectiveness

Primlink International Pvt Ltd follows the potential aim to paint a true picture of the vendor functions. Covering each aspect of effective supplier audit and manufacturing proceedings, our factory audit consultants will recommend the best solutions and results as per the need.

Make a smart choice before a risky investment with PRIMLINK!