Final / Pre-Shipment Inspection

We help you to optimize your supply chain to safeguard your brand reputation because the globalized supply chains capable of meeting consumer demand for fast fashion which comes with risk.

Pre-Shipment (PSI) Final Inspection

Primlink International Pvt Ltd offers top-of-the-line pre-shipment inspection services to businesses and governments to help them secure their import revenues. We help importers reduce their risks and minimize their costs. Primlink also ensures that your imports comply with all the regulations through our shipment inspection, so you don’t have to lose out on duty and tax revenues. Countries can prevent their foreign reserves from getting depleted. We help you maintain the highest quality standards by mitigating the risk of import of poor quality and illegal items.

What Will You Get with Our Pre-Shipment Inspection?

• Ensure comprehensive product testing (onsite test including Odor, carton drop test, retail packaging etc.)
• Customer requirements proper packaging, markings, and labeling of the products
• Verification of quantity
• Workmanship
• Conformity of the products with specifications
• Conformity of the product with regulations
• Quality of the product according to the standards

Our Pre-Shipment Inspection Procedure

Here is a step-by-step pre-shipment inspection procedure Primlink follows
Primlink conducts physical inspection of goods in the country of export pre-shipping to identify the type of goods.
• Once the physical inspection of goods is completed in the country of export, our expert team check all the documentation including the invoice. This enables us to give us the right estimate of the valuation.
• Next, a custom tariff code is assigned, which help us to give our customers correct idea about duties and taxes they will have to pay by comparing the client’s country applicable duty rates.
• Before clearing the goods, we make sure that the full payment was cleared. Once we get the assurance that the full payment was cleared, Primlink will follow it up by issuing a certificate to importer.
• Primlink’s certificate serves as a reference point to calculate actual duty. This empower Primlink to act quickly to shortages and fix the issue to clear the shipment as soon as possible.

Advantages of Pre-Shipment Inspection

Boosting Duty Collection

Governments can reap the rich rewards of enhancing their duty collection and revenue generation with the help of our shipping inspection service.

Control To Importers

In addition to this, our shipment inspection service performs an in-depth duty assessment to empower importers to force customs to give them the best rates.

Facilitate Trade

Two of the biggest reasons why delay occurs during trade is due to inefficient and corrupt customs administration and failure of importers to comply with regulations. We help you remove both these obstacles and ensure uninterrupted trade with custom clearance and Primlink certificate. Our team not only takes care of physical inspection but also document inspection before the consignment is dispatched.

Prevent Illegal Imports

Another benefit of shipping inspection is that it minimizes the risk of illegal imports. No country wants goods, legal or illegal entering its borders without any inspection. It can lead to loss of valuable foreign reserve and government miss out on the opportunity of collecting taxes and duties on items which are entering its borders. That is where pre-shipment inspection comes into play.
Primlink’s pre shipment inspection checks ensures that all goods and items are inspected before being dispatched. This ensures that any illegal or low-quality items is caught before shipment dispatch. This would also encourage legal trade and help your local economy flourish. Not only that, it will also encourage local businesses and provide them with the incentives they need to operate their businesses at full capacity..

Stop Foreign Reserve Depletions

Foreign currency reserves is a big asset for any country. If that asset starts depleting, it could have adverse effects on the economy of the country. Primlink’s shipment inspection secures the foreign reserve of the country by blocking illegitimate trade and stops valuable foreign currency from leaving its borders illegally. Our services can also eliminate the risk of deliberately inflated invoicing, so you don’t have to pay more than what you use. We can put a full stop to big corporations and multinational companies under declaring their assets and paying less taxes.

Compliance with World Trade Organization Agreements

Primlink makes sure that you comply with World Trade Organization agreements on custom valuation, which is now compulsory for all the members. Primlink pre shipment inspection, help countries collect more revenue instead of reducing revenue collection. Our experts ensure that all the clauses of the agreement are fully implemented and enforced according to the guidelines set by World Trade Organization.

Final Inspection

Final Inspection is also called as Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) and FRI. Usually, the final inspection is carried out when 100% or at least 80% of the batch has been packed for shipment.
A professional PSI gives suppliers the assurance that their products are ready to be sent to their destination market. All these inspections are carried out in an accurate and detailed manner by experts who are having knowledge in products and inspection techniques. The actual findings during the Inspection are marked in the Primlink detailed report and sent to the customer within 24 working hours for their final decision on the shipment.

Checklist for Pre-Shipment Inspection

Quantity Verification
• Workmanship
• Conformity of the products with specifications
• Conformity of the product with regulations
• The quality of the product as per standards/customer requirements proper packaging, markings, and labeling of the products
• Ensuring the testing of your products (onsite test including Odor, carton drop test, retail packaging etc.)