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March 2, 2023
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March 2, 2023

Benefits Of Pre-shipment Inspection Services In Pakistan

Do you want to grow your business from Pakistan to the international market?

How do pre-shipment inspection services play an important role in Pakistan’s economy?

What is the process of pre-shipment inspections in Pakistan?

Every business individual has so many questions in their mind when starting to import or export goods in Pakistan. They want solutions for their queries regarding the pre-shipment procedure. Let’s discover how pre-shipment inspection services benefit Pakistan’s various businesses locally and internationally in many aspects.

How much are Pre-shipment inspection services essential for Pakistan’s business growth?

Pre-shipment inspection (PSI)is an essential part of the market of goods/supplies in the business world. This inspection occurs before the goods are shipped from the manufacturer to the buyer or importer even before launching a new product. Nowadays pre-shipment inspection is itself a marketing tool for so many products.

The pre-shipment inspection ensures that the goods supplied meet the buyers quality standards and specifications. Pre-shipment check is essential for international and local trade as well. This inspection ensures that the Government regulation has been implemented and also took part in the environmental control. Pre-shipment inspection services have included the following activities.

  • Visual inspection.
  • Dimensional inspection.
  • Documentation review.
  • Packing, making, and labeling inspections.
  • Barcode verification
  • Container stuffing supervision inspection.

What is the process of Pre-shipment inspection services in Pakistan?

The pre-shipment inspection services are agreed upon between buyers, suppliers, and also rank. This inspection can commence payment for the letter of credit. The pre-shipment can be executed at different levels before shipment like checking the quality of goods. Furthermore inspect all documentation and invoices, check the test reports and packaging list, or validate compliance with the standards of the destination country.

Here are six major basic steps of the process of pre-shipment inspection in Pakistan.

  1. Schedule an Inspection Date.
  2. Verification of Quantities.
  3. Validation of Appearance.
  4. Inspection for Function and Safety. 
  5. Validation of Product Conformity. 
  6. Report of the Thorough Survey. 

Why is Pre-shipment inspection in Pakistan obligatory?

There are several reasons why Pakistan must have pre-shipment inspection services.

  1. Pakistan is a signatory member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement on Technical Barriers to trade. All members must ensure that technical regulations, including inspection requirements, are non-discriminatory, transport, and based on International standards.
  2. The pre-shipment inspection services in Pakistan protect local industries and consumers by preventing the importation of low-quality or counterfeit goods. That can harm the local economy and or threaten public health and safety.
  3. Pre-shipment inspection requirements in Pakistan must combat corruption and fraudulent practices in International Trade. It is compulsory to require independent third-party inspection companies to conduct the inspections. 

The best solution for Pre-shipment inspection services in Pakistan

Prim link International Pvt Ltd is one of the leading third-party inspection services that help businesses and governments secure their import revenues worldwide. The company arranges a physical inspection to check the quality and standard of goods (onsite test includes odor test, carton drop test, retail packaging, etc.), and their professional team will check the marking, labeling, and documentation along with invoices.

Furthermore, assigned a custom tariff code that helps to give customers ideas about duties and taxes they must pay by the client’s country appropriate duty rates. Prim link issues a certificate to the importer after assurance of full-payment clearance. The company helps pre-shipment inspection services to reduce risk and also helps to minimize the costs of their clients.

Their professional inspectors will use the proper sampling process to choose product lots for pre-shipment inspections. And check the quality requirement and level of the destination market. Prim link competes with the International quality standard by alleviating the risk of poor import and banned items.

The prim link ensures their clients obey the World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements on custom valuation, which has become obligatory for all the members. Their professional inspectors ensure that all the points of the agreement are completely executed and applied according to the guidelines set by WTO. Their certified, licensed, independent, and experienced inspectors will safeguard your business interest in the supply chain.

What are the benefits of Pre-shipment inspection services in Pakistan?

During the pre-shipment inspection in Pakistan, an independent third party will check the goods to ensure conformity to the agreed specification. Such as quantity, quality, labeling, and documentation. Here are some potential benefits of pre-shipment inspection services.

Ensuring Product Quantity:

The pre-shipment inspection ensures that the quality of goods exported from Pakistan meets the standard required by the importing country. This can reduce the risk of being rejected by the importer, which can be costly for Pakistani exporters.

Avoid Trade Barriers:

By conducting pre-shipment check services, Pakistani exporters avoid trade barriers. Furthermore, this inspection can also reduce the shipping cost by identifying any issues with packaging and the quality of goods before being shipped.

Enhancing Buyers’ Confidence:

Pre-shipment examination services in Pakistan can help to enhance buyers’ confidence in Pakistani exports. A pre-shipment survey can reassure buyers that they are getting what they paid for by providing independent verification of product quality.

Improving export competitiveness:

The pre-shipment check services can help to improve the competitiveness of Pakistani exports by ensuring they meet International standards and regulations. This can help Pakistani exporters to compete with the global market more effectively.

Practical results of hiring a third-party pre-shipment inspection.

Hiring third-party pre-shipment inspection services gives you complete peace of mind that your order has been filled successfully before it shipped. A third-party inspection has always been a big way to keep your business safe, healthy, and prosperous. Nowadays, marketplaces offer incredible opportunities globally, but illegal imports also pose a real risk

It is very difficult to ensure the specifications you have agreed upon are met when you are working with overseas suppliers. All third-party pre-shipment inspection companies must take some necessary precautions to mitigate the risk of an improperly filled order.

  • Ensure the client’s order was filled successfully before it was dispatched.
  • Confirm the quality at the source, and don’t pay for faulty or imperfect goods.
  • Must be assured that the supplier has met agreed-upon statements.
  • Alleviate costly import risk.
  • Try to keep away from returns, penalties, and bans, and protect your business image.


The pre-shipment inspection services play an important role in the business world. Pre-shipment inspection services check all the formalities before goods are dispatched. Pre-shipment inspection minimizes the risk of illegal imports and prevents the risk of low-quality product shipment. These inspection services help businesses with their growth, locally and internationally.

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