Production Monitoring

We help you to optimize your supply chain to safeguard your brand reputation because the globalized supply chains capable of meeting consumer demand for fast fashion which comes with risk.


Production Monitoring is the control of a production process to verify its compliance against the project scope on behalf of the client and Keep your factory accountable start to finish. Production Monitoring means an on-site Product Inspection performed every day of your production.

This inspection is important for challenging or sensitive orders, as it can ensure that any problems are identified and fixed in real-time.

You receive daily reports regarding quality and completion status, putting you in control of the entire process

Production Monitoring includes:

• Auditing of the factory's quality assurance programs related to the production and/or operation of the facilities, including the qualification of the personnel and quality assurance manuals.
• Raw material control before production
• Control of production activities in order to maintain the desired level of the quality during manufacturing
• Control of the compliance of goods with the qualifications and/or letter of credits before shipping (quality controls) and supervision of related tests.