Third-Party Quality Inspection Services

Whether you are having quality control issue or are just starting your journey with a new supplier, Primlink International Pvt Ltd have you covered with its third party inspection services. Our top priority is to make sure your products meet the highest quality standards by inspection the entire production process from raw material to finished goods.

In addition to this, Primlink International Pvt Ltd also goes above and beyond to cover manufacturing businesses in every production cycle. Irrespective of whether you want to check the quality of Tier 1 supplier, Tier 2 supplier or OEM, our third-party quality inspection services won’t let you down.

Our valued clients can get unbiased quality inspection service along with other benefits such as access to valuable data and useful software. Unlike other 3rd party inspection companies, Primlink enable your team to maintain the highest quality standards by handling the key inspection requirements to your team so you can perform inspection on your own in the future.

Primlink International Pvt Ltd support looks at current quality control methods and try to make them even better by delivering quality awareness at every stage.

Our Third Party Inspection Process

We pass each sample through our comprehensive checking and inspection plan which include evaluating everything from appearance, functionality, packaging, integrity, workmanship and map it with your requirements. After doing a thorough analysis, we not only share results but do it in the form of quality inspection service reports. Additionally, we also email the findings with pictorial evidence inside 24 hours of inspection completion

Primlink classifies defects into three major categories

  • Critical
  • Major
  • Minor

Why Choose Our Third-Party Inspection Company?

No More Shipment Delays and Product Defects

Our quality control services analyze your entire production process from end to end to identify any breach of quality standards. This helps you maintain the quality standard and minimize defects and delays in shipment.

Create a Corrective Action Plan

Even if we find defects, we help you fix the issue by creating a corrective action plan so you can maintain the overall quality of your order. This way, you know exactly what actions you need to take to fix the issues before the shipment leaves your factory.

Secure Your Brand Reputation

Protect your brand reputation from taking a hit due to customer complaints. Our product quality inspection services delight your customers by delivering superior quality product every time.

Our Quality Control Services

First-Article Inspections

Primlink third party inspection company not only covers the entire production cycle but also conduct first article inspection. This helps you identify issues even before the mass production. This saves you from costly rework and reengineering work and help you iron out issues early in the process.

In-Process Inspections

Our in-process quality control assesses random samples from production even when the production process has just started. This give you the flexibility to correct course early instead of doing the costly rework later down the line.

Pre-Shipment Inspections

You can also opt for our pre-shipment inspection which carefully examine all the finish goods to make sure that it meets all client requirements and specification. This process takes place when production is complete, and packaging is near completion. This will allow you to gauge the quality of product delivered by suppliers.

Container Loading Supervision

Primlink even offer container loading supervision option so that standards are followed even while loading products. This also prevents a faulty product from reaching your customers.