Primlink Toys (Wood, Plastic & Stuffed)

Primlink has qualified product inspectors, compliance auditors and mentor crew for all consumer goods and foods industries and well covered Asia’s locations. We help you to optimize costs and reduce risk, by assessing and improving your product and supplier quality with safety performance while bringing your products to market faster.

Toys (Wood, plastic & Stuffed) and Plush Goods

A stuffed toy is a toy sewn from a textile and stuffed with a soft material, and is used as a comfort object by children of all ages, Stuffed toys like teddy bears and cuddly dolls may seem harmless but their eyes, nose, hair, buttons and jewelry can pose a choking risk for children if not attached properly same if plastic stuff is sharper can cause the injury of child. Primlink onsite test helps major brands and retailers ensure the quality and safety of their toy imports, including children's toys & all play items. .

• soccer balls
• volley balls
• rugby balls
• beach balls
• exercise balls
• cricket balls
• hockey balls
• baseball balls
• tennis balls
• shuttle cocks
• Nets,
• Sports gloves
• hockey sticks
• Cricket bats
• Baseball bats
• All kinds of protective guards, pads & sportswear